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Why create a digital currency for Zero Hedge?

Primarily so I have a way to learn about trading cryptocurrencies, without risking any money. I like Zero Hedge; the financial news is welcome because it counters the MSM view. And Zero Hedge is essentially, about trading. So what was missing for me was a fan-created Zero Hedge Crypto Currency. I doubt Tyler is interested in trading tokens like ZHC0, but that shouldn’t stop the fans from getting in there and getting experienced.

There are other reasons, though.

It is easy to claim that the US dollar will collapse due to an excess of debt or an inflationary increase in the monetary base or a derivative meltdown. What is not so easy is to collapse a currency yourself. Neither is it particularly easy to create a currency that is desired, that becomes traded, that allows for liquid exchanges at any time.

I anticipate that creating and collapsing currencies will become a very fun past time. I want to create one that remains strong over decades, unlike most Altcoins, which sometimes only see out a year.

And creating a successful cryptocurrency, equal to another Altcoin might be worthy, but how about creating a whole series of currencies and an economy and exchange to go with it? These are the things you can do with digital currencies. I don’t anticipate to be so successful but can certainly see what a few years of effort leads to.

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