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The Rainbow Virgin of Australia. Not a digital currency.

On the Zero Hedge Arrowchat system, a fan suggested I post a picture, during a discussion that was far more about relaxing than being serious. First I laughed. Then I thought I should take him seriously, after all, I was asking him for some advice about what sort of content would be suitable for this website. His content tends to be entirely unsuitable, but we like a good ribbing here in Australia, so there I was.

Enter the Rainbow Virgin of Australia. This is not a new digital currency, though honestly, it is a great candidate.

What I will try to do is to show engineered perceptional diversity. Remember that these images all represent the same small rock.

First, from the ABC – our own government run Australian Broadcasting Corporation.



Virgin Rainbow opal, worth over $1 million

Next, from The Advertiser, a typical Australian newspaper. (News Corporation owned)



SA Museum director Brian Oldman with the Virgin Rainbow Opal, estimated worth in excess of $1 million. Picture: Stephen Laffer

Next, the Mother Nature Network.



(Photo: Richard Lyons/South Australian Museum)

Now, to draw a long bow, and make this post fun, and not just pretty, I suggest that.

a) Our government run news organization, the ABC, chose a picture that is a fair representation.

b) The News Corporation Newspaper chose a picture that highlights how insignificant the opal is compared to a person. How the opal appears washed out in the real world. Devoid of obvious value, aside from what is stated.

c) The alternative news blog, the Mother Nature Network, chose an image that is entirely out of this world, completely unlike what an opal really looks like, in normal conditions. Yet their image would have people lining up to lay down the million dollars it might cost to buy such an opal.

My conclusion is that the government here is still pretty fair and reasonable. News corporation does a great job of reminding us of what is important. And Mother News Network, like many alternative media outlets, choses content that is over-saturated to the point that it is drug-like.

What does this have to do with a Zero Hedge Coin? Well, those who dislike the concept of crypto-currencies, who prefer assets like gold or silver, might gain an asset by purchasing some opal. It is in limited supply, only found in a few places on earth, and is readily able to be carried across borders if forced to flee by social changes.
Should you wish to buy some opal, here is a store local to me that actually exists, that has a long trading history, and that can be relied upon to not fleece you of your coin and sell you potch. You will need to be able to visit Cairns, Queensland Australia, the location of the store.



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