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The Cryptocurrency Basics

The ZHC0 Cryptocurrency basics:

Firstly, we have a working, fully programmed client. The network is operational. Zero Hedge Coin 0 lives!

Email me to request a copy of the download link using the below form. The client is being distributed with source, and the download is about 16 MB.

Once you have a download, you can meet me on Zchat (the Zero Hedge chat client) and request free coins, if you have been a Zero Hedge member for a year or more. Look for or ask for 15horses1donkey, or just email me using the form.

BONUS: The first 20 Zero Hedge members to request coins will receive an additional 50 coins, regardless of whether they have been members for a year or not. To receive your coins you will need to run the ZHC0 Client software and contact me on Zchat with your ZHC0 Address.


This information can be found in the source code of the client, however, is strewn about everywhere, according to Hazard, our developer.

-time between blocks: 5 min

-block reward: 2.5

-block reward halving rate: 100k blocks

-minimum stake age: 1 day

-maximum stake age: 1 week

-daily block count: ~288

-coins generated per day: can’t really accurately determine this

-time between halvings: approximately 1 year

-maximum block size: 1 MB

General information: 

The coin is a hybrid PoS/PoW coin.

It uses X11 as the hashing algorithm.

It started out as Novacoin (NVC code) 0.4.4 , but it’s been modified since. All POS coins are derivatives of either novacoin or ppcoin. These are a derivative of bitcoin.

So ZHC0 is a bitcoin derivative with it’s own blockchain.

Coin distribution:

There are a maximum of 1,000,000 coins.

Of this, 750,000 have been premined, to give away to Tyler, and to Members. It is expected that all coins shall be dispersed within a 5 year period. If they aren’t – if demand is low, the number of coins given away shall be increased. The remaining 250,000 are mineable.

Presently, anyone who has been a Zero Hedge member for 52 weeks or longer, shall receive 1 coin per week of membership, completely free. There is a bonus 50 coins for the first 20 people to request coins, regardless how long they have been members. There is a bonus 50 coins for the first 20 people who frequent Zchat, who request coins via Zchat. So, if you have been a member for 5 years, request coins, and request more on Zchat, you could obtain 360 coins.

For a successful network, it is essential to have at least 1000 participants, and better would be 5000. This requires distribution of a relatively small number of coins to each person.

The conceptualiser, or founder, 15horses1donkey, has been gifted 1,000 coins for conceiving the idea and arranging to have the coin developed, and for funding the development, the website, and creating all content.  He will be gifted 1000 coins a year additionally for his input of labour. Cofounders are sought, people who can assist with operating the network, website, creating content, developing software, etc. They will be gifted coins appropriately. They do need to be Zero Hedge members, though they can be new members.

Additional information: 

When referring to digital currencies, people use a variety of terms. Cryptocurrency, bitcoin clone, coin, altcoin, token, asset and currency are all interchangeable to some degree, but do have specific meanings.

On this site,

  • zhc refers to Zero Hedge Coin. This ticker / abbreviation won’t be used – it is reserved for Tyler.
  • zhc0 refers to Zero Hedge Coin 0, the first release of a digital fan currency for zerohedge.com
  • zhc1 refers to Zero Hedge Coin 1, the second release of a digital fan currency for zerohedge.com
  • zhc2 refers to Zero Hedge Coin 2 … and so on.

The difficult part is to appropriately select the type of digital currency. Thanks to the generosity of Hazard, from http://dev.cryptolife.net (our developer), we have a full hybrid Proof-Of-Stake/Proof-Of-Work coin, rather than a pure PoW coin.

Because there are such a wide variety of digital currencies, and there is differing opinion on the utility of them, We assumed that it would take a few goes to get the selection right. Hence zhc0, zhc1, zhc2.

Request coins, grants of assistance, or client downloads here.

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