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The Choice

First on the agenda is the choice of electronic cryptocurrency. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, in email correspondence some professionals have indicated their preferences, and these are at opposite ends on the scale.

The simplest choice is listed here, and I would like a vote. Just comment with your choice, or recommend something better. You can find a great list that has, at the bottom, an overview of the type of cryptocurrency, by clicking here.

Our choices are:-

a) A fully independent cryptocoin that includes it’s own blockchain, windows and linux clients, premined to a particular extent. Mineable.

b) A counterparty asset. An instantly made cryptocurrency. Not mineable.

c) Something else.

Remember, this currency is a fancoin or fan currency for the website Zero Hedge. However, we want it listed on exchanges so it can be a vehicle used to purchase other new cryptocurrencies. This means at least 1000 people using and backing it. Which currency would you get behind?

9 thoughts on “The Choice”
  1. Anonymous 2015-10-19 on 2:21 am Reply

    A few more details for the choices would be nice. Or a link where I can get more information

  2. Ud 2015-10-19 on 3:57 am Reply

    Another copy cryptocoin is useless as long it does not reflect / support custom and unique features related to ZH’s mission and targets. Redefine/adapt proof of work to zh, implement and ask again.

    • 15horses1donkey 2015-10-19 on 7:36 am Reply


  3. ministry of crumbs 2015-10-21 on 12:38 am Reply

    I like Bitcredit, they’ve ditched mining which is unscaleable, exclusionary and energetically stupid, and implemented a bidding system where each day you can bid for BCR in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash. Bidding via fiat is being worked on. The funds thus accrued will actually back your BCR, hopefully with most of the backing converted to PMs.

    “If you don’t hold it…” sure, but you can’t do trustless decentralised real stuff. BCR is also going to be a fully featured banking platform with bespoke asset capability.

    BCR has a real and active developer and team, it’s not just another idiot-cloned pump and dump shitcoin.

    Want to see the work ethic, check out the git repo: https://github.com/bitcreditscc?tab=activity

    BCT thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=896133.0 – my nick there is thelonecrouton, come abuse me.

    • 15horses1donkey 2015-10-21 on 12:45 am Reply

      Sounds idiotic, but can I rename BCR to ZHC ?

  4. bicycles and beer 2015-10-21 on 9:39 am Reply

    the currency should be a derivative or basket of many crypto currencies, like the SDR.

    add several of the most liquid crypt currencies in a wallet and issue a ZH coin back by that.

    you could control for volatility of an individual underlying currency by adjusting the weight of the currency in the basked..

    this will also allow you to exploit the survivorship bias and ensure the long lived value of the ZH currency.

    ive got some other ideas on a viable crypto currency backed by a consortium of value-adding firms.

  5. Satoshi Nakamoto 2015-10-24 on 3:18 am Reply

    This is stupid. Just use and promote bitcoin. Stop trying to re-invent something that already exists, why are so many willing to re-do work already done by thousands around the world already?

    • 15horses1donkey 2015-10-24 on 6:58 am Reply

      The reason is that there will come a world of at least hundreds of thousands of currencies, with bitcoin just one. Your perspective is like: Why should you copy or improve on Dos 1.0? Stop trying!

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