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The Choice, Expanded

I have had online, offline, and chatroom advice, and been told the purpose of this website is unclear. So let me restate. This website exists to determine what sort of altcoin, or cryptocurrency, should be selected for fans of the Zerohedge website. I will fund to the cost of $1000 the creation of an altcoin – but I want some help choosing it, with some sort of consensus or at least, a clearly preferred option.


I have two obvious choices.

a) an altcoin, based on scrypt. This has a blockchain and is mineable.

b) a non-proof of work counterparty asset. This is not mineable.


You can choose which to emulate, clone or copy by studying the lists and information here:






4 thoughts on “The Choice, Expanded”
  1. Óðinn 2015-10-20 on 6:49 pm Reply

    I would like to suggest that the following coin be given consideration:


    The above page describes the ABIS (http://abis.io) micro-donation concept made part of the BCN virtual currency GUI wallet. You could use it as is, or look at code for BCN currently available on github.

    • 15horses1donkey 2015-10-21 on 12:06 am Reply

      I love everything about it, but it seems to be tied to BCN. My plan presently is to engage Hazard from CryptoLife at http://dev.cryptolife.net to do a complete coin implementation. It is a cookie cutter solution, hardly unique. I have emailed Hazard to see if he can implement the ABIS concept, and to ask what sort of price it would be.

      • bk 2015-10-22 on 11:03 pm Reply

        We build coins. But, seriously, there’s real $$ upfront if you want features besides a clone.

        • 15horses1donkey 2015-10-22 on 11:27 pm Reply

          Could you build in a fractional reserve of bitcoin? So there is a magical automatic bitcoin payment redeemed upon burning a coin, and a need for a bitcoin deposit to be able to increase the coin supply? Just an idea I am musing over…

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