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Results from the Poll.

WELL, it seems people want a real coin, as well as a CryptoCurrency. So I will wait for a month of results and will mail them to Tyler. I won’t be producing a real coin – though I could, with the assistance of The Perth Mint. www.perthmint.com.au.  Perhaps Tyler or another fan will want to.

Instead I will focus on the CryptoCurrency. And this means that we get our own coin with blockchain, our own installable software client (incorporating wallet, message router, miner, and blockchain database). Initially it will only have a Windows client, but a Linux one can be produced if someone wants to donate the small amount it costs. I’ll probably fund it within the next six months if no one else does.

The coin creation parameters follow.

Coin Name:

Zero Hedge Coin 0


Coin Abbreviation:




Logo to be created by coin developer. Something like the http://zerohedge.com logo, but not a copy, must be visibly different.


Coin Type:

Pure POW


Hashing Algorithm:

Scrypt ? (I lean towards a bitcoin sha256 clone, but why not Scrypt? Sell me on something better!)


Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm:

Kimoto Gravity Well ?


Time Between Blocks:

No idea! Developer will choose.


Block reward type:

Simple ?


Block Reward:

No idea! Developer will choose.


Block reward halving Rate:

No idea! Developer will choose.





Premine Amount:

750,000 or thereabouts


Total coins:

1,000,000 or thereabouts





Maximum Block Size:



Total cost .8 BTC


I will probably upgrade to node hosting and a block explorer, a linux client, etc. at a later date.


The source code will be setup on a ready-to-go online code management system. (Eg Sourceforge, Git Hub? ??? ).  Interested parties will instantly have professional access to the code online.


The best news is that I don’t want to touch the code, so it can be readily upgraded or patched along with the other CryptoCoin clients of the developer. Keep it simple and standard, I figure.

Payment to the developer is likely to be made within the next week.


2 thoughts on “Results from the Poll.”
  1. floorwalker 2015-10-22 on 10:40 am Reply

    Hi, you are launching a coin in a very competative cryptocurrency environment. If you analyse coinmarketcapital.com over time. Coins that do not have a clear technical innovation tend to tail off and become worthless.
    So, I challenge you to add value to the technical capabilities of the coin. The price of the coin does depend on network participants and it is smart to target the larger ZH community. What is this attempt, I hope it is not pump and dump.
    You should make a bitcoin forums page so a lot of the crypto community can comment and get involved.
    Pure POW coins use a lot of energy, Why not jump to POST?

    • 15horses1donkey 2015-10-22 on 11:56 am Reply

      Hi Floorwalker, thanks. I have viewed http://coinmarketcap.com a few times. My takeaway was that there are a LOT of coins, and some have a high market cap (>$1mil). The purpose of the zero hedge coin is as a token that can be divested to members, based on their membership period. I need >1000 people committed, but interest is low, with <5 presently. Most comments are from people with their own preferred coin, who aren't really interested in a Zero Hedge coin unless it is better.

      I want to add value, but need to know WHAT value? To be precise, Hazard from http://dev.cryptolife.net is creating the coin, and can implement features. Precisely which feature is it that would set the Zero Hedge coin apart? Is it programmable for $100 or $200, or are we talking about a team of geniuses who take 6 months and burn through half a million dollars? I can afford the former, not the latter.

      It is a pump and dump coin. I have read and received private advice that nearly any coin produced is the target of pump and dump raids. However, I personally won’t be carrying out such activities. So, my perspective was that it is best to encourage ALL people to pump and dump it, in the hope that this creates liquidity. If EVERYONE is trying to pump and dump it, and no one is under any illusions, then the coin might have a chance of survival. If EVERYONE knows that pump and dump is the current modus operandi, they will be prepared to deal with and manage such activities.

      Considering the nature of Zero Hedge, how inquisitive the members are, I propose that pump and dump will be met with laughter by the majority, if only because it is so obvious. As part of this I intend to draw attention to the way people carry out pump and dump raids. I intend to encourage Zero Hedge members to pump and dump the coin for their own benefit, but mostly, for the educational aspect.

      I have another person of critical stature who in private communication has stated that under no circumstances will they support a coin that has a forum on http://bitcointalk.org due to it being likely to immediately become a target of heavy, serious pump and dump raids. This would be by people not associated with Zero Hedge, people who know precisely what they are doing, so isn’t preferable. Such raids would not benefit the coin. So I will go with your suggestion to create a forum somewhere, but where? I prefer not to have a forum on http://zhc0.com – this site has no traffic aside from what originates from http://zerohedge.com .

      http://solarcoin.org/en/solarcoin-moving-from-pow-to-post-proof-of-stake-time/ clarifies POW and POST, but I am undecided. Do you think a bitcoin clone using POW is worse than a newer coin using POST? I know the problems of energy, Australia uses coal for most of it’s electricity and that isn’t optimal. But this is a first edition coin, zhc0, I think if this has a measure of support it will be proof of concept, and zhc1 and zhc2 with better funding, can be POST, baskets of POST coins, etc.

      Hopefully this clears up a couple of things. I welcome a continued discussion, and direct recommendations.

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