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How go I get the ZHC0 Client?

Download it by clicking here. (link as provided by our developer Hazard, includes source)

Or, download the client alone (without source code) by clicking here. (soon to work)

How many coins do I get?

As many as you ask for. To be serious, one per week of membership of ZH, past a year. And, 50 extra for the first 20 members who ask. and 50 extra for the first 20 persistent Zchat lurkers. As of this FAQ date, NO coins have been awarded.

How do I get my coins?

You ask for them either by emailing using the below form, or you meet with 15horses1donkey on Zchat, the Zero Hedge Chat System. You will first need to run the ZCH0 client.

What if I wait?

You might get more coins, or you might miss out. There are a limited number of coins and an assumed greater number of members who want coins. If you qualify, it is better that you ask for coins early than wait. You can always request more coins after each week or month passes.


Do you have a sound coin allocation system?

No. We have a system, but it isn’t sound, nor is it automated. This means if we have lots of members weekly asking for their extra coin, the administrative time burden will be cost-prohibitive (The primary developer has a family). Presently, we anticipate that people will ask for their coins generally as a once-off, and perhaps ask for more once again, at a later date. This is probably manageable, manually. If you can assist with automating systems for coin management, you could become a co-founder. Apply below.

Do I need to always run the client?

No. It is quite alright to run the client long enough to receive the coins, and get some confirmations, then shut it down for years. We beg that you run the client for longer, and encourage you to for the interest component (5% annually) but it isn’t necessary by any means. The nature of the blockchain is that your transaction is assured.

Why should I run the client?

The more clients the stronger the network. The network is strong by nature of the blockchain even when only a few clients are running, however, a malicious hacker could create what amounts to a ‘denial of service’ attack if they can command more computers than are available running clients. Therefore, the more clients, the stronger the network. Be one of those clients.


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