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Mobile first development

Thanks to Strikermax, something key almost passed me by. The principal of Mobile First Development. Pioneered as a concept by Google, and killed by Google, it remains a battle cry of high importance. Presently, it isn’t know how easily a client can be made, but with 3 developers behind ZHC0 answers will soon be forthcoming. […]

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Final developer payment made. Demo version released.

The first developer version has been released, and after a quick check, the final payment was made for the complete ZHC0 client. So it won’t be too long before I can upload the client to this server, for download by interested fans. Some other news. The hashing protocol will be X11, not SHA256. This means […]

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ZHC0 Developer part-payment made

Big news! Our fancoin is one step closer. I have made a part payment of .4 BTC to Hazard from Cryptolife Developments. You can see his site at http://dev.cryptolife.net There is much to finalise, and a payment due of roughly .6 BTC for additional coin features. Also, it is time to create a Github account […]

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Taking a break.

I have worked hard to post the link to this website on the Zero Hedge forums, to get the message out. This mission is complete. I dislike spam as much as anyone, so, I will cease posting for now – until the Zero Hedge Coin 0 has been created. This gives me a break. I […]

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Results from the Poll.

WELL, it seems people want a real coin, as well as a CryptoCurrency. So I will wait for a month of results and will mail them to Tyler. I won’t be producing a real coin – though I could, with the assistance of The Perth Mint. www.perthmint.com.au.  Perhaps Tyler or another fan will want to. […]

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The Status and the Yop Poll

In the Zero Hedge CryptoCurrency people want: Diversification. Social Good – Micro Donations. Survivability. Anonymity. They vote for a coin of some sort. However, I have very little data as the 400 unique visitors to the site have left <10 comments or emails. I have no specifics apart from advice to use existing coins. That seemingly […]

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The Choice, Expanded

I have had online, offline, and chatroom advice, and been told the purpose of this website is unclear. So let me restate. This website exists to determine what sort of altcoin, or cryptocurrency, should be selected for fans of the Zerohedge website. I will fund to the cost of $1000 the creation of an altcoin – […]

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The Choice

First on the agenda is the choice of electronic cryptocurrency. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, in email correspondence some professionals have indicated their preferences, and these are at opposite ends on the scale. The simplest choice is listed here, and I would like a vote. Just comment with your choice, or recommend something better. You can […]

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The Purpose & Bitcoin Donations

To boldly go where no ZeroHedge.com fan has been before… To say thank you to the readers that keep Tyler working. To create a Coin. A Currency. An Economy. As an experiment this website is non-profit. However, there are operating costs, and they are non-trivial. Therefore, donations are gratefully received, no matter how small or large. […]

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Hello World! Hello Fans! Hello Tyler!

This website is an experiment, and a work in progress. Primarily, it is a fansite of ZeroHedge.com and as a fansite, it needs to be said that this website has no affiliation with the official ZeroHedge.com site. It is strictly and only a website produced by a fan. If you have any questions please click […]

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