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A bio of a different sort.

This has been written primarily for a group of vocal people who have voted against the Zero Hedge Crypto Currency, thinking that I am a banking shill who eschews gold and silver. It is long, rambling, and probably painful to read. So I highly recommend you read something else, or post a comment instead of reading this. WARNING: PARAGRAPH USAGE HEAVILY MODERATED

A bio, of a different sort – the very simple version.


-on life

I like Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Australia, Taiwan, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, France & Germany, and Large American organic farms run by Mexicans that sell heirloom seed produce at farmers markets. I also like Netflix and 5ik.tv but have no time to watch them. (note that 5ik.tv is sick, if you like Taiwanese cable television, while Netflix is sick if you like VOD in English). I am a Bright, because we all need a religion. I am a subscriber to the Buckminster Fuller Institute and have a Dymaxion Map on the wall. I am a student member of the Association of Computing Machinery, the world’s largest society of educational and scientific computing professionals, but I am yet to use their incredible library. I am an Associate of the Australian Computer Society. I can be found in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World / in Science & Engineering databases.


-on silver & gold

I own silver and did own gold, but I sold it to own a car and provide for my children and family instead. That is the purpose of silver and gold – as currency. It can be used as a store of wealth, but it provides no returns, no interest. It is very useful as a hedge, to buy and hold in case a catastrophic disaster of some sort occurs. Any such collapse might render stocks and bonds worthless, and silver and gold worth a lot. To summarize, I like silver and gold, as part of a balanced portfolio, but nothing beats owning great businesses, and the ultimate is to hold gold and silver as a hedge, a foundation, businesses as the cashflow, and electronic currencies as the experiment, with the job covering the day to day expenses and surplus for buying businesses. Cash itself is for spending, a rainy day, emergencies, or for rapidly investing or reinvesting according to whim. I don’t stash cash.


-on stocks and shares

I get my investment advice on businesses firstly from Hulbert’s Financial Digest, the financial newsletter review service. You should be a subscriber. Thereafter I am an Agora financial reserve subscriber, Port Philip publishing subscriber, and a Motley Fool Subscriber. These newsletters and the meta-newsletter advisory service by Mark Hubert all serve one end: To educate me. Presently, I hold cash, and no stocks or shares. I do hold a trivial amount of superannuation (retirement 401k?) to the value of around $40,000 Australian dollars. I have this invested with an industry super fund, meaning diversified investments (no gold or silver), little fees, and excellent capital gains, considering it is entirely on autopilot. It is low because I was self employed for 15 years and contributed nothing. If I wanted to invest I would firstly wait for a catastrophe, then buy into Focus Graphite’s Lac Knife Deposit and Greenland Minerals and Energy, because I believe in graphite, rare earths, resources, energy and technology, and I believe that Australian and Canadian Mining Companies are ethical and green, and world leading (there are few exceptions). I also believe Australia will become the world’s foremost storage and processing centre for nuclear waste, one day. Such beliefs and investments are almost certainly a fool’s errand, but some gambling is good, I think.


-on zero hedge

Zero Hedge is great, apart from the fact that it is pseudo-anonymous. It is the only site on the internet where I use a nick, a moniker, a pen name, aside from http://zhc0.com – out of hundreds, I might add. The reason I disagree with pseudo-anonymous speech is that I don’t like the cover it gives people to be racist bigots, abusive, or hateful. Having said that, I find myself becoming hateful of racist bigots who are abusive. Zero Hedge is perfect to convert to Facebook, Linked in, or a mash of both. If I could run Zero Hedge I would probably destroy the site by immediately requiring a facebook & twitter login and further pushing a real names policy. But, I still love the work Tyler does, and I like even more, the work of his legion of fans, anonymous as they are.


-on Bitcoin

I made a lot of money on Bitcoin. I mined my wealth directly with an old laptop. I didn’t make as much money as is my meagre superannuation fund. Bitcoin is excellent. Why? It incorporates a few fundamental concepts which are alien to many, yet instinctively simple. Firstly, mining. A child learns to dig holes in the ground from a very early age. Today, if the child is an adult, they know of robotic fleets of gigantic machines, excavating and carrying and processing, refining in unimaginable ways to a child. Mining is fundamental. Next is messaging. Everyone understands an inbox, work, and an outbox. This is the foundation of transferring and receiving messages and blocks. Kids understand homework from the teacher, working, then homework back to the teacher. I think of it as routing a different sort of packet. Lastly, capital gains. People all want to be rich. Bitcoin speaks to that desire, by providing the potential for capital gains. Ironically only through it being a useful, if entirely unwieldy, way of transferring funds. (Coinjar does help, they have a Bitcoin Card)


-on new cryptocurrency technologies

Technology and change is the heart and soul of my being. Yet, I fail to be excited by changes in cryptocurrencies. Lets examine why. I asked many if I could have a cryptocurrency with a fixed fractional reserve, in gold. I was told this was not possible due to regulatory hurdles, and the fact that no company can provide me a coin that has a link to an organization that will take responsibility for a gold repository, all on autopilot. So, I decided that I wanted a coin with a fixed fractional reserve, in Bitcoin. Again, I was told that this wasn’t possible, there was no company that could provide me with a coin that has a hard link to Bitcoin, via an organization, that will take responsibility for the Bitcoin reserve, all on autopilot. Lastly, I emailed a number of organizations asking if it was possible to create such a coin, with a gold or silver reserve. None emailed back positive responses. Later, I found that there were coins with reserves, but understanding how they provided the reserve was beyond any cursory examination. Certainly, the collapse of the organization sponsoring the coin seemed to mean that the reserve was lost, where I would like a coin that has a reserve that is in trust such that the people operating the coin could simply walk away, and the reserve would remain entirely accessible to the remaining users of the coin. Further:- POST uses less power than POW, yet POW is minable while POST requires bidding. I believe children don’t bid at auctions so much as dig holes, therefore I believe that mining is fundamentally more understandable to the public than bidding, and so, bidding shall always be second to mining. In the real world mining becomes harder as the ore body is reduced, to the point of impossibility. This occurs precisely the same in minable crypto currencies. To cut to the chase, Bitcoin and Bitcoin clones rule. High tech Altcoins might also rule, but presently, I can’t see how a child can understand them. If a child can’t understand them, how can the public? This said, I will, if funds allow, produce the absolutely best coin that can be designed, for Zero Hedge. The only problem is that it will probably be coin iteration ZHC97, given how slowly I learn, and how little I earn. Your help can short-cut this, making coin number 1 the high tech version. Work or Donations accepted. FYI Presently Zero Hedge Coin 0 is a Bitcoin clone. And to confuse you, I would use a POST coin with Micro-donations built in, if I could, for ZHC0.


-on economic collapse

I believe far more in economic prosperity than I do in economic collapse. Yet first one must believe and accept all is lost, before one can start to learn that not all will be lost. Why? Because most people just get the job done, even under adverse circumstances. The worse things get, the more people step up to bear the load. Could you picture everyone simultaneously fleeing their responsibilities as people, to care for themselves and provide for society? Perhaps you are that irresponsible, perhaps you imagine that others are that irresponsible, but after meeting many different new people daily and getting to know a few of them, I have concluded that being responsible is the backbone of society. Religion enhances this. No global collapse.


-on my nick

15horses1donkey is how many animals my mother owned for some years, while working as a labourer on the lowest government wage. Said differently, in Australia it is possible to own livestock while living in the city, or city outskirts, on a minimum wage job. You definitely don’t need to be rich. I chose this nickname because in the very unlikely event of a complete economic catastrophe that is sustained over decades due to an inability to garner any consensus as to who owns and owes what, having 15 horses and a donkey could be useful.



I believe Zero Hedge means that Tyler lives with no hedge. He has no emergency backup plan to recover losses. He learns, he decides, he actions, and he lives with the full consequences. But, he has alternatives. Such is how I am working towards the Zero Hedge Coin. There is no way I can recover my money if ZHC0 fails. But, I or someone else can try an alternative, and repeat the effort. ZHC1. ZHC2. ZHC3. And on.



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